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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Today I registered to vote in North Carolina. That's right people. Not my solidly Democratic home state of California. Listen, if you are going to school in a state remotely contested in the upcoming election at any level, Presidential, Congressional, even State, you owe it to yourself to shape up and register there. Oh I know you've heard it will inconvenience your dainty self, but so will four more years of Republican control of this country. Whew. Now go do it. The good news is, registering is easier than ever with a national voter registration form that can be found here.

Tomorrow we hit the campaign trail again. Greensboro and Winston-Salem.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Erskine Bowles, me
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North Carolina First Tour 2004
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Me getting a little help from the candidate
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Our glorious bus
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Press Sec. Carlos, Me, Erskine's Assistant Cam
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Friday, July 30, 2004

so i am writing from the inside of the tahoe (the SUV I have been driving most of the bus tour) on the runway of the private airport where I am picking up Crandall erskine's wife. I am on fast 802.11G wireless, the same fast wireless i was on last night when I spent two hours at the holiday inn express (not our hotel) uploading and captioning pictures. We are all getting pretty tired but we push on. The BBQ last night at Wilber's was one of the best things ever. I got a BBQ pork plate. the sides i chose were fresh tomatoes from their farm which they also sell whole, and bbq potatoes which are essentially marinated in the same light vinegary carolina bbq sauce. really awesome. I have been filming a lot this leg, mostly on a Canon GL1. I have been filming theevents, and life on the road. I have now met some of the biggest icons in NC politics. Former Governor Hunt who is the most beloved man alive in this state, and Congressman Bob Etheridge. Every day I learn more about the state, and the quality of people erskine surrounds himself with.

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Monday, July 26, 2004

I have been very bad about updating. The first leg of the bus tour is over. It has been both exhausting and rewarding. At times it has been hilarious, at times frustrating. I got to know racing legend Junior Johnson pretty well, and I have free bags of his brand of pork skins to prove it. I have gotten to know the people on the campaign much better, and have learned to take torrents of abuse from everyone about going to Duke. Especially from Erskine Bowles himself, who went to UNC. Its all good though. I did a lot of driving in the Tahoe (close to 1000 miles) with more awaiting me on the next leg. On the campaign trail, you learn to think on your feet, and roll with the punches. I am still tired from the first leg as we prepare to head out again. I bought two new books on cd (The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt and the new David Sedaris book) because I finished Clintons book on cd. From what I hear upperclassmen at Duke are so upset about us 08'ers getting free ipods that they started a petition of some sorts. I will have my laptop on the second leg so maybe I will update on the road.

Please visit www.bowles2004.com and check out the campaign blog to see what we are up to. Make sure to look at the pictures.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

I have not posted and that is horrible of me. The Kerry-Edwards rally was awesome. I was at the very front of 25 thousand people (largest Kerry rally yet). I drove well over 400 miles around the state one day. I feel like I am getting to know it pretty well.

Bowles is scheduled to tour the Pactolus Volunteer Fire Department at 2:45 p.m., his campaign announced Monday. He will discuss ideas to improve domestic security.

yup i helped arrange that. campaigns are fun if sometimes a little scary.

We are back to a bus by the way and we have almost finished work on the wrap.

“I want you to make it personally important to you that Erskine Bowles takes my place in the United States Senate” -John Edwards
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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

So I didn't get a chance to report on my first day which was awesome and action packed. My commute is long (40min w/o traffic) but the people are awesome and I got lots to do immediately, oh and my new car kicks ass. I am in charge of getting the wrap (think of the outer covering on John Kerry's Real Deal Express) taken care of for the RV on our 10 day Bus (actually RV) tour through the state starting July 20th. 12+ hour days CAN be fun as yesterday proved.

All of yesterday paled in comparison to today. I spent the day tracking down Andy Griffith and planning the 10 day bus tour I will be going on. In fact, as it turns out I may be the poor schmuck in charge of a lot of the logistics and scheduling. OY. But cool OY. Tomorrow I am driving halfway across the globe (3-4 hours each way) to Charlotte where I will probably film a campaign ad, as well as take pictures and measure the RV. So that means I will probably meet Erskine. Wow .

I hope I don't burn out at this rate. There are almost two weeks till we kick off the tour. I will be testing my endurance. At least it gets dark really late so I don't feel like I am working that long.

I miss everyone back home but this is really looking like the experience of a lifetime.
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Monday, July 05, 2004

Sitting here eating a bowl full of cherries. My friend in the campaign informs me that at the end of July Erskine is going on a ten day bus trip. He said, get this, I could be doing advance work! OH YEAH!
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So the groundbreaking news making me oh so happy is Coach K's decision to stay at Duke

Here I am in North Carolina getting the best welcoming presents ever.



Anywho, tomorrow I start work on the campaign and I am a tad nervous. Not quite sure what to expect but it will be fun I am sure.

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